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Preparing your 3MT presentation NOTE: . . . Is it worth doing the three minute thesis? — By Mary Woessner. Victoria University. How to win the 3 minute thesis — By Dr Inger Mewburn (aka @thesiswhisperer) Making the most of your 3 minutes — Simon Clews. University of Melbourne. Talk nerdy to me — Melissa Marshall’s TED talk . These guidance pages are part of the University of …

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) 2011 Winner — Matthew Thompson. University of Western Australia . 3 “WHY? ” Simple. Unexpected. Emotional. Story. Concrete . 4 . Simplicity “The purpose of my research is…” (WHY did I start this research? ) Write 50 words — 4 minutes . Share with partner — 2 min. Respond — 3 min. 5 . Engage Emotion “Can you link your research to a current issue or self

The good folks at 3 Minute Thesis headquarters have provided the below examples of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ slide design on their Facebook page. Of course. these things are subjective. and all judges will have slightly different opinions of what makes a good slide. However. these will give you an idea of best practice.

The 3 Minute Thesis is a competition where research students present their thesis in less than three minutes with only a single slide. In this presentation. I… In this presentation. I… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Talk us through your presentation and the approach you took to ensure you could communicate your thesis in just 3 minutes (quite a challenge! ) I created a list of the most important aspects of my research and based on that came up with an analogy that is common to most people (in my case it was a Google ‘brain’ map). I ensured that my three minute presentation was composed of a story that . . .

Three Minute. Presentation. 33 three minute tools to help you deliver outstanding presentations. DAVID BECKETT Edited by Sheila Schenkel David has presented hundreds of times to thousands of . . .

In some successful 3-minute thesis presentations the speaker lets the slide speak for itself and does not refer to it. This can work if the image is easily accessible for the audience and gives a clear idea of the focus of the project. In other presentations there is a 15–30 second section when the audience is invited to switch their attention from the speaker to the slide in order that . . .




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